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Hungover, dumped and late for work.

On an ordinary day, one of these would be a bad morning, but today Jim Taylor also has to contend with the zombie apocalypse.

Follow Jim during twenty four hours of Day One, as he and his zombie obsessed brother deal with the undead, a doomsday cult and maniacs in their quest to get to their parents, win his girlfriend back and for them to instigate ‘The Plan’.

Worlds will collide and fall apart in a Class Three outbreak.


“A perfect blend of humour and horror.”
Scream Magazine

£8.00 (Inc. P&P)

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The dead rule the world.

In the months after a deadly virus has swept across the planet, an eight year old boy and his appointed protector live from day to day. After a chance encounter they head for sanctuary. To get there, they will have to run the gauntlet of the inhabitants of this new world.

Ruled over by The Gaffer, a group of survivors holed up in a derelict factory struggle to maintain order and stability. Inside, those affected the most share their stories, hoping to come to terms with what has happened and what they’ve lost.

However, a clandestine operative in their midst lays the groundwork for an assault, the likes of which none of them have ever seen or could hope to prepare for.

These are the stories of those who survive.


“Action-packed, funny, and extremely brutal.”
Adam Millard, author of Vinyl Destination

£10.00 (Inc. P&P)

UK Kindle Link HERE
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Book of Ishtar coverEC3 – BOOK OF ISHTAR (Limited Edition)


This mighty tome (500+ pages) contains both Class Three and Class Four: Those Who Survive. Hardback, and limited to twenty copies, this is the posh way to catch up on the undead goings on from my first two books. Also contains ramblings from me on the writing process, the Class Three Christmas Special, the original Class Three Epilogue and a deleted scene from Those Who Survive.

£17.50 (Inc. P&P)


It’s the thirteenth annual Lou Gehrig awards. Four B-list celebrity virologists vie to claim the Locked In Syndrome cup and get mulched down to form their disease for mass distribution.

A disease hipster takes centre stage on a night when a blast from the past threatens to turn his ordered, pus filled life upside down. In order to blow open a deep rooted conspiracy, he must team up with a disgraced one time child star who wants another shot at the big time, and clear his sullied name.

Together, they’re going to show people the real meaning of a meltdown.


“I have never read anything like this, and don’t think I’ll ever encounter another writer with the ability to write like this. This book is the very definition of the word ‘metaphor’, is very clever, and totally hilarious.”
Kayleigh Marie Edwards, author of Bitey Bachman

£6.00 (Inc. P&P)

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Some things are better left undiscovered.

The crew of the first manned mission to Mars, are in the final days of their expedition before they head home. Shamed by a lack of discoveries and humiliated by her colleagues, geologist Dana Fischerman heads out to the Galle crater, eager to find something to make her own legacy.

What she uncovers will not only threaten the safety of her colleagues, but also everyone back on Earth.


“A perfect mixture of sci-fi and horror this story plants the seed of fear in your head and makes it grow and grow until you close the book.”

Confessions of a Reviewer

£6.00 (Inc. P&P)

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We are all made of stars.

When an ancient Inca ritual is interrupted, it sets in motion a series of events that will echo through five hundred years of human history. Many seek to use the arcane knowledge for their own ends, from a survivor of a shipwreck, through to a suicide cult.

Yet…the most unlikeliest of them all will succeed.


“A rip-roaring boy’s own adventure yarn. This novel contains multitudes, and the sheer scale and breadth of the story is exhilarating. A glorious unhinged thrill ride.”
Kit Power, author of GodBomb!

£9.00 (Inc. P&P)

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28 Seconds Later ACX Cover


Finally…the true story behind the Eastern Bloc boycott of the Los Angeles 1984 Olympics is revealed. Brace yourself for an inspection of the top secret Khimki Sports Preparation Facility in the Novogorsk district, near Moscow. Just another normal day of injections, feats of sporting excellence and a Scottish super-spy.

There’s a fine line between infection and zombism…

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Featuring a snake oil salesman in the Wild West, a courier with a mysterious package, a pair of clean-up operatives, zombie fish, the real reason why the Eastern Bloc boycotted the 1984 Olympics, and more!

There is truly something for all zombie lovers inside the pages of this book.


“With CHUMP, Duncan P. Bradshaw takes us on a wild ride of zombie horror, debauchery and black humour that caters to all lovers of the ghoulish and undead.”
Rich Hawkins, author of Ruin

£8.00 (Inc. P&P)


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