EC-5 – Prime Directive

Discover the true origins of Mars.

*** What secrets lie beneath the red planet? What befell the planet and caused it to be a barren wasteland? This sci fi horror novella, follows six astronauts as they prepare to complete their mission and head for home. Yet something has unfinished business… ***

The crew of the first manned mission to Mars, are in the final days of their expedition before they head home. Shamed by a lack of discoveries and humiliated by her colleagues, geologist Dana Fischerman heads out to the Galle crater, eager to find something to make her own legacy. What she uncovers will not only threaten the safety of her colleagues, but also everyone back on Earth.

‘A perfect mixture of sci-fi and horror this story plants the seed of fear in your head and makes it grow and grow until you close the book.’ – Confessions of a Reviewer

‘Prime Directive is filled with some fantastic comic situations and a premise that will rock your socks off.’ – 2 Book Lovers Reviewers


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