EyeCue Productions

As soon as the proverbial ink had dried on the final draft of Class Three, I was left with one final thing to do, put all those 68,000 odd words into a format that meant I could make it available for sale, on both Kindle and in paperback. It became quickly apparent, that each medium had different challenges, and required a different set of skills, and patience. With each and every book I’ve made and released since then, I’ve strived to make it a little better, presentation wise, than the previous book.

I wanted to have a label which was different than my author name, something which I could use in my future ventures, so EyeCue was born. When I went out on my own, it made sense to put this front and centre and put all of that experience and lessons into my books going forward. This is why you see one of the ‘EyeCue warning icons’ on the back of each book, even the charity anthology, Trapped Within.

This is my favourite, from the first book in the Class Four series:

It encapsulates what I’m about, a little silly, but also that if you make the effort to get the physical copy, then you’re getting something a little different than most books out there. This will be evident in upcoming novel Cannibal Nuns from Outer Space!

Still, with this knowledge, if you have a project that needs finishing touches, either because the idea of formatting the Word file fills you with dread, or you just don’t have time for it, give me a shout HERE  and we can have a chat about your requirements.