Every once in a while, I would guess quarterly if you want to use standard units of measurement, I’ll be putting together a newsletter which will give you the lowdown on everything that’s going on in my writing. There will be excerpts from works in progress, short stories which I think you might enjoy, random pictures, and things that I’ve been up to. Basically, a full-blown Dunk brain splurge.

There will also be a special section dedicated to that pink hatted lover of books, Book Pimp. He’ll tell you what’s hot and what fiction has been getting him in the mood.

Huh? You want more? I bet you do, you little tinker. Okay, fine, in addition to getting my newsletter, when you sign up, and confirm your email address, I’ll personally send you an exclusive e-Book, called MIXED SIGNALS. It contains three short stories, one of which has never been published. There, you can’t say fairer than that, can you?

So what the Dickens are you waiting for? All you need is an email address and a clean pair of pantaloons.

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