EC-4 – Celebrity Culture

May turn your brain into a slinky.

*** A Bizarro MIND MELTER. ***

It’s the thirteenth annual Lou Gehrig awards. Four B-list celebrity virologists vie to claim the Locked In Syndrome cup and get mulched down to form their disease for mass distribution.

A disease hipster takes centre stage on a night when a blast from the past threatens to turn his ordered, pus filled life upside down. In order to blow open a deep rooted conspiracy, he must team up with a disgraced one time child star who wants another shot at the big time, and clear his sullied name.

Together, they’re going to show people the real meaning of a meltdown.

‘I have never read anything like this, and don’t think I’ll ever encounter another writer with the ability to write like this. This book is the very definition of the word ‘metaphor’, is very clever, and totally hilarious.’ – Kayleigh Marie Edwards, author of Bitey Bachman

‘Remember, you’ve now willingly plunged yourself into the mind of Duncan P. Bradshaw. You’re completely at the mercy of his strange imagination and all the eccentric oddities that his curious mind can conjure up. Indeed, it quickly becomes apparent that the only way you’ll be able to wade through the veritable quagmire of lunacy is by simply succumbing to the madness.’ – DLS Reviews


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