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A disease hipster with no name, and his tense-changing side effect prepare to head out for the thirteenth annual Lou Gehrig awards. The pinnacle of the celebrity virology scene, where the years outstanding contributors to celebrity diseases are honoured. In addition to winning the Locked-In Syndrome trophy, the winner is also liquefied into a pathogen, ready for mass production.

Though the path to the award ceremony is hindered by the re-emergence of a one-time star. His reputation sullied by a killer disease, he seeks redemption, and the hipster agrees to help. To blow open the conspiracy, they’re gonna need to exploit a loophole in the Lou Gehrig awards, and battle nefarious agents.

They’ll show everyone the true meaning of a meltdown.

You can get this on Kindle and Paperback through Amazon right now! Just go here for the UK or here for the US.

HOWEVER, if you want a signed and illustrated (very badly, I am no artist) physical copy, order it right here, right now. The first ten orders will receive a limited edition lanyard, an Access All Areas badge to the Lou Gehrig Awards, as modelled right here:

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Get infected this February.

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