Christmas (Class) T(h)ree

Ho-ho-ho boys and girls! I hope you’ve been good this year so that when zombie Father Christmas smashes down the last of your puny tinsel covered barricades, and starts to nibble on you as you sleep in a Babycham-fuelled stupor, it’s in the knowledge you’ll wake up with a shiny, new bike. Except you’ll be a zombie and unable to adequately co-ordinate your base motor functions….bummer.

Anyway, I’m doing some background reading ahead of starting the first book in the Class Four trilogy, as a little thank you for your support I thought I’d knock up a little Christmas special, featuring everyones favourite brothers of the Zombie Apocalypse. Just click HERE and away you go!

                             *** A HEADS UP THAT IF YOU HAVEN’T READ CLASS THREE (you savage) THERE ARE MILD SPOILERS ***

It’s been a mental few months writing this and actually getting it out there, and I really appreciate all those who have bought Class Three, liked or shared a post or simply tolerated my witterings with good grace.

Next year should be a good one, myself, Justin and Dan will get The Sinister Horror Company up and running and we’re going to start to spread our infection far and wide. We hope to meet people out on the road at conventions or hear from you through our sites or on social media, seriously, if you have a question or just wanna say hi, do so! We’d love to speak to you.

Right, I best get back to re-packing my survival kit, Happy Christmas to you and your special units, and here’s to a fantastic New Year for us all.

Stay classy and totally not zombified