Saboteur Awards 2017

A little on the random side, but I got an email yesterday, advising me that my zombie short story collection, CHUMP, has been nominated for a Saboteur Award, in their Short Story Collection category. Rather cool, even been invited to the awards ceremony, on 13 May, so a good excuse for a night out in London with the missus. If you’re interested to see what else has been nominated, check out the link below, and vote for anything which takes your fancy.


Swansea Horror Con

In some rather cool news, I’m going to be a guest at the Swansea Horror Con, taking place at the beginning of July. Been looking forward to getting back out onto the convention scene again, and the organisers of this con, and a couple of others, Birmingham and Liverpool, have had many good things said about them.

Check out who else is attending, and if you’re free, pop along and say hello.

Chump is out, and eager for brrraaiiiinnnnsssss

Following a most excellent day at the tenth Festival of Zombie Culture, hosted by Zombie Ed, Chump is now officially all grown up and released into the world. Eight stories on the undead, each a little something different, plus a bonus story tucked away, a la Marvel. Pick it up online, or via the SHOP, where I’ll put a squiggle in it for you, and, if you’re quick, a limited edition 28 Seconds Later postcard.


28 Seconds Later

Ahead of the release of CHUMP, my zombie collection, I wanted to allow one of the stories to escape into the wild, so people can have a bit of a read of something new. So, I released 28 SECONDS LATER, as a Kindle only short story, which you can bag on Amazon. Not content with it being in readable format, the excellent Chris Barnes has also narrated it, forming my first ever audiobook. You can pick that up through the link below. It’s come out really well, and it has been cool to see how this new side of content creation is handled. Whilst I won’t be doing all of my releases in this format, I will, when I think it will work.

28 Seconds Later ACX Cover

A Little Announcement…

It is, with a degree of regret, that I have left The Sinister Horror Company, with immediate effect. The reasons why are numerous, and nothing I wish to go into, but rest assured that I will be continuing. The eagle-eyed amongst you will have seen that the words, ‘An EyeCue Production’, has adorned all of my books, since I started two years ago. This decision means that I can now turn EyeCue into its own thing, and that I’m my own boss. Which could spell disaster for me 🙂

More information on this decision is below. In essence, nothing has changed, I’m still writing, still putting out weird things in the future, the only differences are some cosmetic differences on my existing books, check out the Shop page for examples.


Quick Update

zombie-fish-colourHello! Few things to shout about, first up, CHUMP, a collection of eight unpublished stories on the undead, is being released on 12 November, at the Festival of Zombie Culture. I’ve tried to chuck in some different takes on zombies with these, a mix of different styles…all will be revealed soon enough. Second, I’ve had a couple of short story acceptances, one is under wraps for now, the other though, is LIVE TO SERVE, which will be appearing in one of the volumes of UNLEASED: MONSTERS v ZOMBIES, which is being published by Stitched Smile. Third…I’ll save that for later this week.

Keep rocking the free world.

Hexagram is released TODAY

It’s here at last, the release day for my epic horror novel, Hexagram. You can get it on Kindle via the links below, or through my shop right HERE. Early reviews have been pretty positive, and I’m just glad that it is finally released into the wild. I’ve got a few (read: a lot) of stuff on the go, most of which involves zombies, so am retiring back to the man cave to get cracking. I doubt there will be any further releases this year, maybe some undead stuff to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the Festival of Zombie Culture in November. We shall see…so until next time folks.

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Release Day

First Review in for HEXAGRAM

Chris Hall over at DLS Reviews is the first to publish a review on my upcoming horror novel, HEXAGRAM. Some rather smashing things in it too:

“First and foremost you get something that feels fresh, original and wonderfully imagined.  Trust me, there’s absolutely no time for the story to even hint at getting stagnant.”

It’s available for pre-order on Amazon now:

UK –
US –

FB Cover Photo

Prime Directive RELEASED

It’s Bank Holiday Monday, and my new book, sci-fi/horror novella, Prime Directive has been released into the world. It’s only little, and defenceless, so if you see it out there, be kind to it, give it some warm milk and a biscuit. You can buy it on Amazon through the links below, or if you want a signed physical copy, it is available in my shoppy shop. There are a couple of reviews out on it too, links, also below.

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