Honest guv, stuff is coming

Greetings! Bit quiet on the update front, but rest assured that shit is happening. And not just me going poopy. First up, one of the last serious short stories I’ve written, DEAD LINE, is in the Welcome To Hell anthology which is out on April 1st. It’s an anthology where each story weaves into an overarching narrative and is pretty funky.

I’ve got one short story out there waiting to see if it’ll be accepted into one anthology, if not, it’ll go in the Bumper Book of British Bizarro, along with another piece (or two), more on that later when I have details as it’s something pretty cool.

Main news is that Cannibal Nuns from Outer Space! is nearly put together in all of its three formats. The Kindle file is done and I’m just waiting for 90 days from launch so I can upload the files. The hardback cover is being a bit of a bastard as I want to do something slightly different from the paperback version. I’m getting back to that in a minute. It’s going to be sweet though, of that I can assure you.

Then, I’ve been finishing up edits on what was once called Summoned, but is now called, CONGRATULATIONS! YOU’VE ACCIDENTALLY SUMMONED A WORLD-ENDING MONSTER. WHAT NOW? A DICTATE-YOUR-FATE BOOK. Had an idea for one of the choices back when I wrote the damn thing THREE years ago, and am now able to write it and put it in with the other endings. Again, more on that at some other juncture, hoping to send that off to the editor at the end of April.

There you go, good fight, good night! Though it’s mid-afternoon here…


New Look

No, not the female clothing shop but a slight change to the website. As I’ve entered my GoreCom stage, I thought it best to throw away the zombie picture (for now at least) and usher in a new author picture which is more fitting for what I’m doing right now.

Hope you dig it, also, here’s the link to my appearance on Bizzong! podcast with Mr Frank. Got some background on GoreCom and what’s coming up in 2019.


They’re coming…

In Summer 2019, the cannibal nuns from outer space will finally be landing. They’re hungry for human flesh, pray that you don’t become their next meal. I really cannot wait for this book to get out there, it’s been a while coming but I always viewed it as summer blockbuster type of film, hence the wait.

Also…you’ll notice that this will be released through a combined team of my imprint, EyeCue Productions, and my old running mates, the Sinister Horror Company. Justin and I had a chat about our plans for the coming years and both agreed that Cannibal Nuns would be a cool way to join forces once more.

For more info on the book, click on the link in the menu.

Shop Updated

I’ve updated the shop so it’s a little easier to navigate through. Each book now has its own page with the blurb and purchasing options. One thing, I’ve had to increase the price of books which are bought directly through this website. It was getting to the stage where for every book I was sending out, I was losing money instead of getting anything back. I completely understand if you choose to purchase through Amazon, your cash, your choice. I’m just glad that you want to get one of my books in the first place. I did look into trying to get a super-cheap way of sending books out, even below Amazon, but alas, it was not to be.


Mr Sucky is ready to come out of the cleaning closet

Back from FantasyCon, and it was an excellent time, though I may have kicked the arse out of it too early. Thursday night, around midnight, I was all set to go to bed when esteemed lady of horror, Tracy Fahey and I decided to have a couple more. Cue a half-three finish which set the tone for the next day. It meant that I was very weary on Saturday and flaked out early. Still, met loads of peeps, including my editor, CM Franklyn, so it was worth the hangovers. Anyway, my first book in nearly two years is ready to go. The Kindle file is uploaded and the physical version has been proofed, amended and a dozen of them have arrived at home this morning. They look amazing, but very different from your atypical 5×8 paperback. Expect a presale page going up soon if you fancy an early signed copy. Have a weekend off, (totally not playing Red Dead Redemption 2), before my one and only convention this year, Weekend of the Dead up in Manchester, then I batten down the hatches and get Don’t Smell The Flowers! They Want To Steal Your Bones finished up.

Take it easy.

Mr Sucky

Well it had to happen sooner or later, and after nearly two years I actually have a book ready to sling into the world. That book is novella/novel MR SUCKY, and will be released on Friday 2 November 2018, a day before I hit up the Weekend of the Dead convention in Manchester. It’s about serial killer Clive Beauchamp, who is about to make Angela Foxe his latest victim. Unfortunately, she has other ideas and murderer becomes murderee. An ancient evil intervenes but his instructions to a minion get misinterpreted, so instead of being reborn inside an avatar of unending might and power, his spirit is interred inside a vacuum cleaner, the titular MR SUCKY. Not wanting to let death get in his way, Clive decides to kill everyone involved, the only thing that can stop him isn’t a guest or member of staff, but a nagging voice inside his own head. It threatens to turn a simple case of revenge into a fight for his very existence.

Exciting stuff huh? This book marks a new direction for me, at least for the time being. Having decided what I enjoy writing, a mix of gore and comedy that I’ve labelled into my own genre called Gore-com (catchy eh?) this is the first release of a range of books that fit what I’m about, what I love writing and how I go about doing things. They aren’t going to be conventional books, not by any means, but for the first time since I started writing I am feeling comfortable inside my writer-skin. The lotion obviously helped, anyway…Kindle pre-order links are below along with the full paperback cover, expect more details in due course including physical pre-orders through my shoppy shop.

UK – bit.ly/MrSuckyUK
US – bit.ly/MrSuckyUS

Stories of the Dead is out!

After a year of waiting for submissions and then whittling them down to the TOC before putting the book together, STORIES OF THE DEAD, A TRIBUTE TO GEORGE A. ROMERO is finally out in the wild. It’s doing okay as well, was/is #1 Kindle New Release in both the UK and the US, which is cool. If you’re a fan of his work, it’s definitely worth checking out.

For me? I’m just glad it’s done. It takes up so much time putting these things together, that I can now officially state, 100%, that I am not putting together another charity anthology for some time. I’ve got a couple of short stories I owe, and then I’m going to rein them in too. Just spent the past eighteen months doing stuff that has been cool, but on reflection, not what I really want to do. I get a kick out of writing books, so I’m going to stick to that for the time being.

Speaking of which, I’m currently editing the third draft of MR SUCKY. It’s at this point it starts to come together properly for me, and one more read through after should leave it in a sufficient state for the wife to get stuck into it. It’s pretty silly, which is to be expected, but I’m hoping it’ll be out in a few months, pending on whether it works or not.

Anyway, for now, if you fancy picking up STORIES OF THE DEAD, links are below. Like TRAPPED WITHIN, I won’t be selling copies through my shop. Else no monies get to the charity, which seems a bit pointless.

UK – bit.ly/StoriesoftheDeadUK
US – bit.ly/StoriesoftheDeadUS

Quick update on stuff and thangs

Been a while, but I’ve been a little busy. Have cleared my short story list, bar two, which I am looking to finish up in the coming weeks. Once they’re done I am not going to be writing any for the foreseeable future. As much fun as they are, and that’s a relative word, they’re taking up time which I feel is better spent on writing books, whole books with my name on the front. So as such, once these two are done I am hanging up my short story pen (totally not a real pen). Stories of the Dead is all but finished up, am hoping to get a physical copy ready for proofing in the next few days. Much like my short stories, once this is out there I am not going to be doing another one for some time. They just take up so much time, which I need to be spending on my own stuff.

So onto other projects. CANNIBAL NUNS FROM OUTER SPACE! is back from the editor and has been submitted to a small press. I’m not envisaging it’ll get picked up and given my timescale of when I want this released (it’s a summer blockbuster film in my mind) I can’t see it being released until 2019 at this rate. Not the end of the world as I want it to be spot on.

I have been working on a new novella called MR SUCKY, which I hope will be out in the next few months. It’s been far too long since my last book, CHUMP came out, so am itching to get something out there. It’s a silly book about a serial killer who gets killed and his soul interred inside of a vacuum cleaner. He’s keen on finishing what he started, so the murderous rampage resumes anew. Am two or three chapters from finishing, and even have the cover artist lined up, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Finally, I’ll leave you with this. At one point last weekend four anthologies I have a story in were numbers one to four in the Amazon horror anthology charts. I’ll take that. If I’m going to park that part of my writing at least it’s at a time when the projects my work is in, are doing well.

Until next time.

Stories of the Dead

I honestly think that without George A. Romero, I wouldn’t be interested in zombies, and I would never have wanted to start writing. So when he died last year, I wanted to do something, but had no idea what. I wrote a piece for the Confessions of a Reviewer site and thought that was that. It was not long after I had released the charity anthology, Trapped Within, and was determined to never do one ever again. So when David Owain Hughes messaged me with an idea he had, a charity anthology as a tribute to Romero, I told him to fuck off. Politely. Then I thought about it, and within ten minutes or so, I’d messaged back saying that it was a helluva idea, and one that we should do. Roll on nine months and here we are, 18 stories, an introduction by Cameron Romero, and some other cool things that we’ll be revealing closer to release. You can now pre-order the Kindle version through the links below, and here’s the cover, done by the rather cool Kevin Enhart. All proceeds are going to the American Cancer Society, and my story, WGON TV: You’re On The Air, adds in some detail to part of one of my favourite films ever, Dawn of the Dead. It’ll be shambling on sale on Friday 29 June 2018.

UK – bit.ly/StoriesoftheDeadUK
US – bit.ly/StoriesoftheDeadUS

Number One, progress report, STAT

Hello! Been a pretty productive year so far, a number of short stories in the bag, and I’ve finally finished SUMMONED, my bizarro multiple-ending novel, following edit suggestions I got back in December. Will see what happens with that one, but one of the new endings is probably one of the finest things I’ve ever written. Watch this space. So now I’m going to finish up the remaining short stories left to do, before getting back to DEADLOCK. However, in the meantime, I’m also rocking the edits for the George A. Romero Tribute anthology that David Owain Hughes and I are putting together. Also…(I know) I’ve also just started work on a new book, which I’m co-writing with someone else. All will be revealed in due course, as I want to get it up and running first, so don’t wanna jinx it. Anyway, in the meantime, I was asked to write and perform a flash fiction piece for the wonderful peeps at Good Morning Zompoc. I used the opportunity to introduce a character I wrote for their upcoming anthology, THE QUEUING DEAD. So, without further ado, have a look at this, HERE’S NIGEL!