Ginger Nuts Of Horror – Class Four: Those Who Survive Review

A year ago, when I was trying to find websites to review Class Three, I found the Ginger Nuts of Horror. However, the thought of sending it to them scared the crap out of me. Roll on to a year later, Class Four: Those Who Survive is out, did I hesitate? For a week or two, here’s what they thought of it:

Class Four: Those Who Survive is RELEASED

Oh yes, my second release day has wheeled around, and six months of my life has now been packaged up and released into the world. I’ve loved writing this, its been tricky at times, but feel that the end product is something I’m really happy with and proud of. I’m taking a week off to clear my brain out before I get cracking again. Next up are a couple of novellas I’m aiming to get out within the next nine months or so. One is tentatively called ‘The Calling’ and the other ‘Stardust’. These titles will no doubt change. No zombies in either, and I’m going for a weirder approach on both…take it easy

You can pick up Class Four: Those Who Survive via the Shop, or on Amazon if Kindle is your bag