My main writing focus is on my novels, though from time to time, I pen the odd short story or two. In case you want to track down all of the nuggets from the recesses of my brain, this here list might help:


24 November – Class Three (Novel)


1 July onwards – I, Spy, contained in The Offering (Short Story)
13 July – Class Four: Those Who Survive (Novel)
3 August – Time For Tea, contained in The Black Room Manuscripts, Volume One (Short Story)
31 October – Horroroboros, co-written with Daniel Marc Chant and J.R. Park (Short Story)
14 December – Christmas (Class) T(h)ree (Short Story)
23 December – How To Get On The Good List (Short Story)


29 February – Celebrity Culture (Novella)
27 March – Hey-Zeus, contained in the Easter Eggs and Bunny Boilers anthology (Short Story)
30 May – Prime Directive (Novella)
9 July – Mutant Building 101, contained in the Black Room Manuscripts, Volume Two (Short Story)
25 July – Hexagram (Novel)
22 October – 28 Seconds Later (Short Story)
12 November – Chump (Collection)
Contains the following short stories:
– Millie
– Cure What Ails Ya
– 28 Seconds Later
– Red Sabre One
– Senseless Apprentice
– Dead Drop
– Charity Begins At Home
– Gone Fishin’
– Whackos
– Take-Out
28 November – Last Minute, contained in the Bah! Humbug! anthology (Short Story)
13 December – Last Christmas I Gave You My Heart, contained in the 12 Days anthology (Short Story)


15 June – (Sub) Routine, contained in the Shadows and Teeth, Volume 3 anthology (Short Story)
30 June – Q&A, contained in the Trapped Within anthology (Short Story)
2 October – Live To Serve, contained in the Unleashed: Monsters v Zombies anthology (Short Story)
1 December – Glassjaw, contained in the Wrestle Maniacs anthology (Short story)
14 December – Solid Foundations, contained in the VS: Extreme anthology (Short story)


28 January – Winter’s Embrace, contained in the 100 Word Horrors anthology (Drabble – 100 word story)


TBC – It Sucks When You’re All Seeds And No Feathers (Short story)
TBC – WGON TV: You’re On The Air (Short story)
TBC – That’s The Way The Cookie Crumbles (Short story)
TBC – Cannibal Nuns From Outer Space! (Novel)
TBC – Deadlock (Novel)
TBC – Summoned (Novel)