Congratulations! You’ve Accidentally Summoned A World-Ending Monster. What Now?

This book is finally out in the world! Yes, I am a week late in putting this on here, had a busy few weeks with one thing or another, so not had the time to update this as much  as I should be, that will be changing! The book itself was launched at FantasyCon, at the Jurys Inn in Birmingham, and has become one of my fastest sellers in the first week of launch. Been cool seeing people online work their way through it, and trying to find all ten endings. If you want to bag a copy yourself, you can do so here:

The Ginger Nuts of Horror reviewed it recently too, so if you’re on the fence, you can see what they reckon and then decide if you want to take the plunge:

I know that this site needs to be updated, I’ve been struggling creatively since the pandemic started, and it has impacted my motivation to keep on top of this. But I will! I’ll add in sections soon for the books which need them, and will update the shop to include everything that is available. I actually started work on a short story yesterday called, FACE/TREASURE, which I’l be submitting to a Nicholas Cage anthology, and hope it gets picked. Otherwise, I’ll have a really random story and nowhere  to use it 🙂

Right, I need to go and convert Mr Sucky into an EPUB file, so I can make it available on the Godless site mid-October. I’m hoping things start to pick up now with regards to my writing output, we shall see.

Take it easy!


Congratulations! You’ve Accidentally Summoned A World-ending Monster. What Now? cover reveal.

Here it is, in all its glory, the cover for my next book; CONGRATULATIONS! YOU’VE ACCIDENTALLY SUMMONED A WORLD-ENDING MONSTER. WHAT NOW? which is due out on Friday 24 September 2021. The artwork is by the excellent, Matthew Revert, who did the covers for MR SUCKY and DON’T SMELL THE FLOWERS! THEY WANT TO STEAL YOUR BONES!

It’s being released via my own label, EyeCue Productions, and the Sinister Horror Company. More information on what the hell is in store for you, is available here, via the marvellous site, The Ginger Nuts of Horror.

Preorder links are here:


News about my next book, CONGRATULATIONS! YOU’VE ACCIDENTALLY SUMMONED A WORLD-ENDING MONSTER. WHAT NOW? is inbound. I’m writing up the bumph for the press release/cover reveal right now.

BOOM. Good, huh?

Coming soonish…

I’ve finally pulled finger from posterior and started going through the final edits on my next book, CONGRATULATIONS! YOU’VE ACCIDENTALLY SUMMONED A WORLD-ENDING MONSTER. WHAT NOW? It will be co-published with The Sinister Horror Company again, and you can expect it this summer. Cant wait to get it out there, been on the go for years!

I am doing stuff, pinky promise.

Yes, this year has blown and sucked in equal measure, global pandemic aside, my creativity and motivation went walkies. However…I’m hoping that will change soon. I’ve got a new book to announce, some new short stories done, a novella I’m trying to find a home for and am back to working on BECALMED, the project which simply wouldn’t take no for an answer and die. Which is nice.

This Is Horror review!

There are a few publications that I’ve secretly yearned to be featured in, This Is Horror is one, and today my yearning is over! A rather excellent review of new book, DON’T SMELL THE FLOWERS! THEY WANT TO STEAL YOUR BONES!

‘Bradshaw’s descriptions are disturbing and high-definition gruesome. It is a perfect blend of comedy and horror, a perfect example of the author’s GoreCom brand.’

Book Review: Don’t Smell The Flowers! They Want To Steal Your Bones! by Duncan P. Bradshaw


Ahhh, I love getting that first review in for a book. That’s a lie. I HATE it, at this point in the process I’m convinced it’s a pile of utter garbage, so am extremely lucky that people who have read it think otherwise. Jim over at the Ginger Nuts of Horror posted this up this morning. Day. Made.


Yes. More books. At the moment, I’m currently waiting on my artist of choice to get time to start work on the cover of, CONGRATULATIONS! YOU’VE ACCIDENTALLY SUMMONED A WORLD-ENDING MONSTER. WHAT NOW? The interior is formatted and ready to go, so I’m gonna give it a few more months before moving onto someone else.

DON’T SMELL THE FLOWERS! THEY WANT TO STEAL YOUR BONES! is being read through one last time (via physical proof). If I’m being honest, I hate this bit. By now, I’ve read it through so many times that I’m annoyed by it, but this last read through is key to catch any obvious formatting errors, typos, or bits that just don’t read properly. Then, I’m off to Charlton in the next few weeks to get some pictures of the real-life places that inspired parts of the book, and then I’m done.

I’ve just finished the fourth draft of serious-as-a-heart-attack novella, AND THE NIGHT DID CLAIM THEM. I’ve sent it off to the wife to see what she reckons and her opinions will shape whether it needs more work (and the scale of it) or if it’s good enough to go off to my illustrious editor so she can work her magic. I like it, it’s something completely different for me, and I hope it’s okay.

My plan was to get these three sorted and then have a break. Been doing this for over five years now and whilst I enjoy it, it takes up a lot of my time. The cash that gets sunk into each book means that I’m lucky to break even on anything (only two books out of my catalogue so far), and that it’s a lot like pissing into the wind. I figured a break away from it for a few weeks/months would let me know if it’s something I enjoy enough to get past these things. Anyway…I just read Chuck Palahniuk’s ‘on writing’ book, CONSIDER THIS, and it’s given me an idea. I’ve started work on something new, called, BECALMED which is about the descent into madness, done in a weird way, but loosely based on a time of my life which was super-fun.


So yeah. I’m going to now finish all of these four books and then take a break, hopefully in time for my holiday to America in October, dependent on the Coronavirus being under control of course. I’m off, take care of everyone and don’t hoard stuff, life shouldn’t be about that, help peeps, okay?