Stories of the Dead

I honestly think that without George A. Romero, I wouldn’t be interested in zombies, and I would never have wanted to start writing. So when he died last year, I wanted to do something, but had no idea what. I wrote a piece for the Confessions of a Reviewer site and thought that was that. It was not long after I had released the charity anthology, Trapped Within, and was determined to never do one ever again. So when David Owain Hughes messaged me with an idea he had, a charity anthology as a tribute to Romero, I told him to fuck off. Politely. Then I thought about it, and within ten minutes or so, I’d messaged back saying that it was a helluva idea, and one that we should do. Roll on nine months and here we are, 18 stories, an introduction by Cameron Romero, and some other cool things that we’ll be revealing closer to release. You can now pre-order the Kindle version through the links below, and here’s the cover, done by the rather cool Kevin Enhart. All proceeds are going to the American Cancer Society, and my story, WGON TV: You’re On The Air, adds in some detail to part of one of my favourite films ever, Dawn of the Dead. It’ll be shambling on sale on Friday 29 June 2018.

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Number One, progress report, STAT

Hello! Been a pretty productive year so far, a number of short stories in the bag, and I’ve finally finished SUMMONED, my bizarro multiple-ending novel, following edit suggestions I got back in December. Will see what happens with that one, but one of the new endings is probably one of the finest things I’ve ever written. Watch this space. So now I’m going to finish up the remaining short stories left to do, before getting back to DEADLOCK. However, in the meantime, I’m also rocking the edits for the George A. Romero Tribute anthology that David Owain Hughes and I are putting together. Also…(I know) I’ve also just started work on a new book, which I’m co-writing with someone else. All will be revealed in due course, as I want to get it up and running first, so don’t wanna jinx it. Anyway, in the meantime, I was asked to write and perform a flash fiction piece for the wonderful peeps at Good Morning Zompoc. I used the opportunity to introduce a character I wrote for their upcoming anthology, THE QUEUING DEAD. So, without further ado, have a look at this, HERE’S NIGEL!


What the hell?

It’s February already? Man, January sure flew by, been pretty busy on the writing front. First up, the Romero tribute anthology that David Owain Hughes and I are putting together is getting there, the TOC is selected, just need to sort the charity out, and a few other little bits and pieces before we start the edits. From my own personal point of view, I’m currently working through the short stories I’ve been asked to do. I started off needing to do five, and I finished the third one a few days back, good news, except I’ve somehow agreed to another two, although one of those is only a flash piece. So hoping to get them sorted soon so I can put them on the back burner until year end, and focus on my own books. Will be updating everyone on this soon enough, as had a few little ideas for Cannibal Nuns From Outer Space! which may or may not work…we’ll see.


VS: Extreme

What will probably be the final new story from me in 2017, SOLID FOUNDATIONS, is out now! Contained within the VS: EXTREME charity anthology, published by Shadow Work Publishing, this is seriously the most disgusting thing I’ve ever written. It has made a number of people dry retch, it is that bad. But if you like extreme horror, or just fancy reading something a bit out of your comfort zone, go snag it:

Not quite done…

2017 may be in its final throes, but I still have a couple of short stories which are waiting to be released. One is GLASSJAW, my wrestling themed story (honest), which is in Adam Howe’s WRESTLE MANIACS anthology. This now has a release date, Friday 1 December, and you can pre-order it now via the links below. It’s Kindle only at the moment, but I’m sure there will be a dead tree version at some point. The TOC in this is nothing short of stellar, and I’m ecstatic to be in with such illustrious company. Go bag it now, and enjoy a rather different anthology.

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In the next few weeks, I’ll be updating my shop with some new stuff, and a few bundles for those who want to bag themselves a bargain.

Gal in the Blue Mask Interviews

Very cool to have been interviewed by Meghan, over on her Gal in the Blue Mask blog. It’s a two-for-one deal, as not only do you get to read my witterings, but also Detective Norton, from my time-spanning, historical EPIC novel, heXagram. Can’t complain with that now, eh?

From me…

…and from Detective Norton.

This week I have been mostly…

Greetings! Been an odd week, only three days at work but had to do a couple of midnight finishes. Still, Friday now and I can crack on with the weekend. First up, I’ve written a new short story, I would give you the title, but I haven’t settled on it yet. It currently has three, and I am editing it some more this afternoon where I should hopefully get a better handle on it. It’s going to be submitted to a cool anthology, I’m not 100% it’ll get in, but if not, it’ll be used for something else.

Which brings me on neatly to number two. Not THAT number two. I’m working on getting a newsletter sorted out, seems to be the sensible thing to do. Every quarter I’ll send summat out, which will have excerpts from works in progress, a short story maybe? Chances to win stuff, and a section given over to the pink hatted marvel, that is BOOK PIMP. I’ll also chuck in an exclusive e-Book, called MIXED SIGNALS, which will contain a mix of published short stories, and a couple of exclusive ones just for subscribers.

Finally…I’ve written a short story called GLASSJAW, which is going to be inside a wrestling (yes, wrestling) themed anthology, which should be out before years end. The line up is pretty damn cool, and my offering is one of the best things I’ve ever written. Biased? Maybe, but I’m also my harshest critic, and I LOVE this story. Here’s the cover, to whet your appetite. Until next week.

Cannibal Nuns from Outer Space!

Ahoy! I’m now down to a four day working week, mainly so I have three whole dedicated days to writing and all of the other tasks that go along with it. So you can expect regular posts on here, what will they consist of? Updates on projects, and general ramblings.

First off, my story, LIVE TO SERVE, was released this week in the second volume of the Unleashed: Monsters Vs Zombies anthology. This was my first ever short story acceptance, and I’m glad that it is finally out in the world. It pits the undead against another man made monster, which one? Best pick up the book and find out for yourself.

I have two more short stories out before the end of the year, SOLID FOUNDATIONS, my first ever attempt at an extreme horror short story, features in VS: Extreme, released by Shadow Work Publishing, in December I think. It’s the sickest thing I’ve ever written, my wife refuses to read it, or for me to even say what’s in there. The second, is GLASSJAW, a story about the hardcore wrestling scene. This is in the Wrestle Maniacs anthology, and there are some really cool people in there. Am stoked to be included.

The main news is that I’ve just finished the third draft of my new novel, highbrow literary piece, CANNIBAL NUNS FROM OUTER SPACE! This year has been stop-start, and I’ve not written anything of length except this. I doubt it will be out this year, I reckon around February time. The wife is currently reading it and so far said, “It’s really easy to read,” amongst the tutting and eye rolling from my little isms. The book is silly, OTT and been getting a bit of buzz out in social media land. I’d love to find a publisher for it, but I envisage having to put this out myself.

Till next week…