Mr Sucky is ready to come out of the cleaning closet

Back from FantasyCon, and it was an excellent time, though I may have kicked the arse out of it too early. Thursday night, around midnight, I was all set to go to bed when esteemed lady of horror, Tracy Fahey and I decided to have a couple more. Cue a half-three finish which set the tone for the next day. It meant that I was very weary on Saturday and flaked out early. Still, met loads of peeps, including my editor, CM Franklyn, so it was worth the hangovers. Anyway, my first book in nearly two years is ready to go. The Kindle file is uploaded and the physical version has been proofed, amended and a dozen of them have arrived at home this morning. They look amazing, but very different from your atypical 5×8 paperback. Expect a presale page going up soon if you fancy an early signed copy. Have a weekend off, (totally not playing Red Dead Redemption 2), before my one and only convention this year, Weekend of the Dead up in Manchester, then I batten down the hatches and get Don’t Smell The Flowers! They Want To Steal Your Bones finished up.

Take it easy.