Mr Sucky

Well it had to happen sooner or later, and after nearly two years I actually have a book ready to sling into the world. That book is novella/novel MR SUCKY, and will be released on Friday 2 November 2018, a day before I hit up the Weekend of the Dead convention in Manchester. It’s about serial killer Clive Beauchamp, who is about to make Angela Foxe his latest victim. Unfortunately, she has other ideas and murderer becomes murderee. An ancient evil intervenes but his instructions to a minion get misinterpreted, so instead of being reborn inside an avatar of unending might and power, his spirit is interred inside a vacuum cleaner, the titular MR SUCKY. Not wanting to let death get in his way, Clive decides to kill everyone involved, the only thing that can stop him isn’t a guest or member of staff, but a nagging voice inside his own head. It threatens to turn a simple case of revenge into a fight for his very existence.

Exciting stuff huh? This book marks a new direction for me, at least for the time being. Having decided what I enjoy writing, a mix of gore and comedy that I’ve labelled into my own genre called Gore-com (catchy eh?) this is the first release of a range of books that fit what I’m about, what I love writing and how I go about doing things. They aren’t going to be conventional books, not by any means, but for the first time since I started writing I am feeling comfortable inside my writer-skin. The lotion obviously helped, anyway…Kindle pre-order links are below along with the full paperback cover, expect more details in due course including physical pre-orders through my shoppy shop.

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