Cannibal Nuns from Outer Space!

Ahoy! I’m now down to a four day working week, mainly so I have three whole dedicated days to writing and all of the other tasks that go along with it. So you can expect regular posts on here, what will they consist of? Updates on projects, and general ramblings.

First off, my story, LIVE TO SERVE, was released this week in the second volume of the Unleashed: Monsters Vs Zombies anthology. This was my first ever short story acceptance, and I’m glad that it is finally out in the world. It pits the undead against another man made monster, which one? Best pick up the book and find out for yourself.

I have two more short stories out before the end of the year, SOLID FOUNDATIONS, my first ever attempt at an extreme horror short story, features in VS: Extreme, released by Shadow Work Publishing, in December I think. It’s the sickest thing I’ve ever written, my wife refuses to read it, or for me to even say what’s in there. The second, is GLASSJAW, a story about the hardcore wrestling scene. This is in the Wrestle Maniacs anthology, and there are some really cool people in there. Am stoked to be included.

The main news is that I’ve just finished the third draft of my new novel, highbrow literary piece, CANNIBAL NUNS FROM OUTER SPACE! This year has been stop-start, and I’ve not written anything of length except this. I doubt it will be out this year, I reckon around February time. The wife is currently reading it and so far said, “It’s really easy to read,” amongst the tutting and eye rolling from my little isms. The book is silly, OTT and been getting a bit of buzz out in social media land. I’d love to find a publisher for it, but I envisage having to put this out myself.

Till next week…